New Florida Casino Gambling Bill a Slap to Seminoles

4fda1835a1bfdA new recently Florida Casino gambling bill has been introduced by state Rep. Dana Young, R-Tampa and is gaining momentum. The bill seeks to open up the Casino Gambling business in South Florida to new competitors from several Giants such as Steve Wynn’s Resorts, Adelson’s Las Vagas Sands, Corp, or Genting’s Resorts international of Miami.

Major consequence of new bill if passed

One major consequence of the passage of this new bill would be a challenge and possible nullification of the existing Gambling Casino revenue sharing agreement between the state of Florida and the Seminole Indians. Strong resistance is already being mounted by opponents of this bill which many see as a slap to the Seminoles.

Passage may violate Revenue Sharing provisions with the State

The passage of this bill may invalidate and blow-up Seminole’s Revenue Sharing Agreement with the State of Florida. Supporters of the new bill said the Legislature had negotiated the table game part of the bill with the Seminoles, and Young’s bill was duly seconded by Senator Bill Galvano. Nevertheless it seems more work remains to be done if this bill has any chances of passing.

Opponents call Bill “dead on arrival”

Opponents of the new bill believe that this bill has no chances of passing, some described it as “dead on arrival”. The bill seems to be too big and too broad, and encompasses too many competing interests which are ready to do battle to dismantle the bill as quickly as possible. The new bill proposes two Resort Casinos, Las Vegas Style, either in Broward County, or in Miami-Dade counties. It would also open up slot machine gambling to Kennel Club in Palm Beach.

The biggest intrigue for some people is the implication of these new proposals for the Seminoles who are the dominant and reigning gambling kings of South Florida. Currently Seminole gambling operations in South Florida through the revenue sharing agreement with the state pay $260 million to the state treasury each year. It’s like one biting the finger that feeds them with regard to the revenue sharing agreement between the state and the tribe. The new Gambling proposals would also open up stiff competition for the Seminoles Hard Rock Resort located in Hollywood and Coconut Creek to other national big gambling operators.

There is a loophole through the Federal Indian gambling law which allows the Seminoles tribe to offer destination resort games such as roulette, Blackjack and others without paying any money to the state whatsoever. If the tribe decides to go that way, it would enable them to save lots of money for advertising, marketing and other competitive programs against their competitors.

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