Best USA Online Casinos for Real Money

Online CasinoYou found us! Now you are one step closer to winning serious cash doing what you love… gambling!

With so many casino and online gaming websites around, it is difficult to know which ones to choose. Don’t worry, this entire site is designed to help you in this matter. You will find the best places to gamble here with no fake sites or scams!

Our unbiased USA online casino reviews are from trusted experts in the gaming industry. Each one is legal and accredited to payout fast. The top list below will point you in the right direction to get started with a bonus or other offer.

When are casino websites safe? It’s 2018 after all…

In the early days of the Internet there were safety and security issues with many of these sites. It was difficult to know who ran them and how secure they really were.

Well, things are very different now! Gone are the days where rouge sites could steal credit card information and withhold payments. Gone are the days of bounced checks and sub par games. Today these sites pay fast and the games are truly top-notch!

In fact, almost all real money online casinos in the USA rank as some of the safest, well protected website on the internet. Of course there are a few bad eggs but you will have to look elsewhere to find them. We review ones that have multiple layers of security and they are updated regularly protecting them from hacking and other identity thieves. Gambling is one of the largest business operating in cyberspace that no one has ever successfully hacked…

With that said, here are our picks of the top 5 real money slot and casino sites for USA players that are safe and secure to place bets in 2018!

Casino Bonus Visit
1. Club Player Casino USA $65 Free Chip & 450% Welcome Bonus Visit » See Review
2. Silver Oak Casino USA 200% No Rules First Deposit Welcome Bonus Visit » See Review
3. Slot Madness USA $50 Free Chip plus 400% Welcome Bonus Visit » See Review
4. Captain Jack USA Claim 100% - 250% in Deposit Bonuses Visit » See Review
5. Borgata USA (NJ ONLY) $20 No Deposit & 100% up to $100 Welcome Bonus Visit » See Review

How are real money online casinos reviewed?

  • Most of the major gaming sites are verified by third-parties including MasterCard and Visa to be secure, and are run by large gaming companies who have to be licensed and certified. This gambling licensing is very expensive as much as 1 million dollars per year, but it is required to stay legal.
  • The company is governed by the country it is hosted in. Many of them are publicly traded on the stock market. Some are privately held.
  • We will only rate the best of the best, and the safest of safe. It is our promise to you to hild the values true. Our players are very well protected and their personal/banking information is always out of enemy hands. Not only is every website licensed inside of thier originating country, but every transaction is protected by international law. You can use real money online casino sites with confidence, as the law permits it in the USA.
  • With so many sites around a Top 10 Ranking is hard to achieve. For the player this is a good thing. All of them must offer some kind of counseling or warning and a link to help problem gamblers.
  • While there are many ranking systems available, most look at security, number of players, number of games, turn over (where available), benefits, profits, prizes and a range of other factors.
  • The sites you end up choosing will come down to your personal preference for the variety of games offered, deposit bonuses, and comps given, but one thing remains the same, you will have a better time when you know you found it here!