Online Casino Reviews – How to Find Where to Play

Playing Cards and Slots at Real Money Casinos for USA PlayersWhy should you listen to me? I have been making money gambling online for 12 years. So, when I am looking for the next website to play cards and a few slots, I always take these things into consideration.

I look for sites that offer cash bonuses for free, or at least on the first deposit. When choosing a site to play with, there is massive amounts of competition in the marketplace for new players just like you. Online casinos are offering bonuses up to $100 in free play, and 400% on your first deposit. They are willing to spend the money up front to gain customers that will probably return.

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High Rollers and VIP’s – If you plan to gamble a lot, I try find sites with High Roller programs and perks for frequent gamers. Again, sites are willing to spend a couple extra bucks to get you in the door, with hopes to keep you around for the long haul.  Perks and Coupons can and will be send to your email address often, so be on the lookout for a deals.

Gameplay, Graphics, and Design – when choosing a site, I try to find one that is appealing to the eyes as well as the wallet.  How well the slots and games play come in a close second simply because I am already so familiar with the different software available.  If you are going to spend a significant amount of time at the site while the slot wheels go round, make sure you’re looking at something you find visually appealing and/or interactive, otherwise winning or losing will not be as much fun.

Cashing Out – Picking a site where cashing out your winnings is simple and fast is very important.  If you have to jump through numerous hoops to cash your winnings out, you will be upset with your choice to play with what casino.  Depositing money same day is never an issue.  But finding a casino with simple and easy cash out procedures is essential to your enjoyment of that gaming experience. Keep in mind all casinos accepting US players have a release form that must be signed with proof of identity. This prevents underage gambling and other fraudulent activity.

Deposit Methods – As stated above, making deposits into accounts the same day is fairly standard across the board for most online casinos.  However, you may run into some casinos where depositing can be troublesome as they may have certain restrictions in place.  Make sure you pay attention to the minimum deposit amounts, and also the maximum amount per day allowed. All sites differ, and local laws may be in place where the casino maybe limited to what they can accept.