I Live in Reno, So Why Do I Exclusively Play Real Money Slots Online Only?

44544-wwewbEven a decade or so back, I had to travel a near 100 miles to go to my nearest casino and do the thing I love the most, gamble. It was a sad, time-consuming endeavor with lots of traffic and angry stares from the road, and unless I had that good long weekend, I could never find the time. Then, slot games online became popular, and everyone else was having a good time, but I never trusted them.

It was only around a couple of years back that I stumbled across how I could make some quick money playing real slots games, right from my home, from honest sites that really payout. I won a lot, quit my job, went to Vegas and won more. A lot more. Then I took my new Ferrari to Reno and won more. So from an old expert to whoever is reading this, “Let’s take a look at the best casino game ever made.”

Super Interesting Slot Facts

While the points below will undoubtedly help you play better, there are still some facts about slot machines in general that are interesting to know. Maybe its my love of all slots, but I find this stuff fascinating and because knowledge is power, it could help you to be a better player after all.

1895 was the birth year of the slot machine, courtesy a vehicle mechanic in San Francisco, Charles Fey. The maximum it could pay as winnings at a time was 50 cents with 1 cent in. With three reels and 5 symbols, it adds up to 10,000 possible combinations. It was a marvel of modern game science at the time and many people stepped into gambling because of it.

The history of slot machines being called one-armed bandits in the USA is a few underhanded people, who mastered the technique used to manipulate the initial models of slot machines and stole quite a lot of money where bandits. It only takes one arm to spin and they were never caught, but their legendary name lives on. Maybe because it works both ways as the slot machine can “steal” money from unlucky gamblers in a sense.

In the 1980’s and 90’s slot machines were much like pinball machines of the day. They had extravagant artwork, sound, and graphics. Sometimes they had animatronics and multiple moving parts either as a linked bank of slots or as a topper. But they were all mechanical with electric switches. Large sections of the casino floor would be decorated to match the games in the area. In a way it was a better time.

Slot machines made the transition from all mechanical to, electo-mechanical in the 90’s, to all video based in the early 2000’s. Now every slot is a video slot, except for a few old three reels in a special smoky area. A plus is that many of the older games can be played on new machines that offer multiple slots in the same cabinet. Another benefit is the real money slots online have vastly improved and are a lot more fun than ever before. Payout amounts have improved as well.

Know About the Slot Before Playing

Most often, I have seen people losing out on the chance to make more money playing slots simply because they do not know how to play the game, or how to make sure they are betting the right way. No, slots isn’t just about pulling the lever and waiting for the magic to happen. Before you try things out, be familiar with the rules. Understanding how pay lines work, for instance, is important but not as important as its payback. USA real casinos online pay more than other slot machines on the land.

While online slot machines might seem different, the basic algorithm remains the same. I have made a lot of profit playing slots and I have done it by understanding how they work. Slots, no matter where you play them, are never designed to pay you back 100%. Some slots are designed to offer as much as 99%, but most slot machines offer 80-85%.

The average payout normally, may vary anywhere from 82% to 98%, and that’s where you would need to take your skills and experience to get you a profit. This is why you need to play it smart!

Even when I went to the nearby casinos, I knew that I could not fool the house easily. Even if You manage to fool it a single time, the management or sometime the manufacturer will either modify the game or ban the process adopted by you. This is true on and off line.

Look out for bonuses whenever You can. Remember, you cannot guarantee success. However, playing strategically can significantly improve your chances of winning. Play safe and save cash!

Why Do I Love Gambling Online? That’s Easy… I Win More.

  1. It’s not just about persistence
    You will not win on an online slot through persistence alone. It is not the number of times you play that will determine your win, but the number generated through RNG (random number generator). So, you would need to have your own strategy. I have mine, and do not go out to play slots games at one time. Instead, I do it at regular intervals to win more.
  2. Do not count on luck alone
    Each spin is as random as peas and bananas. Just like peas have nothing to do with bananas, the former spin has nothing to do with the latter. Get it? Good!
  3. Random actions do not add up
    You might think that doing different things will add up your chances, like playing at different times of the day. However, there is no connection between the percentage payout and the time, day or player number. Or that lucky trinket in your pocket. It really wont make a difference I’m sorry!
  4. Online, Offline, Same Thing Right? No.
    Online slots games do not have a lever. Done deal! So, how are they similar to other slots games? That’s one of the first questions I had in mind. Here is the thing. Since online games cannot provide a lever or monitor to be cleaned, there should be no reason for you to worry paying someone to do it. This is because, even in traditional slots, the method of cleaning them and providing them with electricity costs a lot. Online has less over-head expense costs so the games can be set to payback more while still keeping good profits for the casino.
  5. 5. You have different choices
    Flat top and progressive jackpots are different. The former has a fixed maximum amount a player can win during the stakes in the latter increase along with the reward. That happens “progressively” as each player bets, and it continues until someone finally bags the win.
  6. You get to choose different slot machines without moving
    I go in for online casino sites that have the highest payout on their slot machines. This is because all slot machine systems are not equal. In Rival online casinos, the payout can be as high as around 98%. You can see the payback in the help screen. However, even at 98%, the game is still lucrative for the casino because you will lose $2 on every $100 on average.
  7. No chance for any cheating
    This is one of the reasons why online slots games are the better option. Slot machines being “loose” or “tight” is a total myth, especially online. This is because the gambling industry is strictly regulated, and such occurrences will be instantly reported.


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