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Making the Case for Staying Home

A few months ago I made a 5 hour trek to a state-operated casino only because where I live there are no casinos and this was the closest of the available choices. Let me first say that 5 hours one way is a long time to drive if you are… more

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I Live in Reno, So Why Do I Exclusively Play Real Money Slots Online Only?

Even a decade or so back, I had to travel a near 100 miles to go to my nearest casino and do the thing I love the most, gamble. It was a sad, time-consuming endeavor with lots of traffic and angry stares from the road, and unless I had that good… more

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Interesting Statistics of US Gamblers in 2016

Almost every state in the US has laws on gambling, but most of the regulations are violated everyday by the participants in this industry. The laws safeguard against catastrophic financial losses on gamblers who find it difficult to quit gambling. For example, Hawaii and Utah have prohibited gambling, but virtually,… more

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Betting is Like Cracker Jack Prize

The Excitement of Gambling is Found Everywhere

Gambling, especially online gambling does have it’s place in the world, sometimes in ways that are not obvious, but always exciting. Who does not periodically buy that scratch off card at convenience stores with the excitement of a child opening the prize in a Cracker Jack box, just hoping to win that… more

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Are Fantasy Sports Considered Gambling?

Fantasy sports have long been a time for men and women alike to come together and share their love of sports. That being said, many leagues are just put together for the fun, or at least they were when they were first created. Now however, there are more leagues than… more

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Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino Hopes to Expand in the US Market

The first video bingo game is now live! New Jersey’s Virgin Casino has now introduced a brand new 90 Ball Bingo game for online players in state only. New Jersey is one of the first states in the US that allows some form of state-run legal online gambling post 2007…. more

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Sands, Wynn and MGM Face Substantial Policy Changes in Macau

Gaming mogul Sheldon Adelson (pictured) is facing two sets of very challenging circumstances in Macau, China. He shares the first set with Steve Wynn (Wynn Resorts, Limited) and MGM Resorts International. The three corporations are among six gaming license holders which Macau Chief Executive Fernando Chui advised of upcoming regulation… more

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Sports Bet Lands MLB Pitcher in Hot Water

Young right hand pitcher for the Miami Marlins, Jarred Cosart, has been a source of debate and for some time now since his outbursts made on social media a year ago. Only now, the center of attention is not with slurs that brought him shame. Today, it is making wagers… more

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Prepare for April Tax Day by Deducting Gambling Losses

With the tax deadline fast approaching, finalizing that return and getting the most money back is very important. In the United States both the professional and occasional gambler can deduct losses from income tax. Now, there are a few stipulations to understand, and these can change annually, but it is… more

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A Look At New Economic Impacts from USA Gambling

When a local community is considering legalizing casino gambling, one of the major benefits expected is an increase in local employment and the average wage rate. Yet, analyzing the effect of a new industry to a community can be tricky. Foes the new industry creates new jobs on net, or… more

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