How to Figure Out Which Online Casino is Your Best Bet

Since 1995, online casinos have been enjoyed, on a daily basis, by millions of individuals around the globe. They have definitely modernized gambling, but also offer some unique aspects to age-old games and the thrill of betting or winning cash. No longer do people have to drive to their closest casino… more

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Taking What You Can Get Playing Slots at Online Casinos

A recent gambling expedition by me truly showed that you can practice what you preach and win some money. It may also say something about the state of casinos in the era of online casino competition. So begins my test of small betting on the slots for profit. The target was Silver Oak Casino… more

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Atlantic City Sunset – The Sinking of New Jersey Casinos

The Washington Post recently did an article about the financial woes of Atlantic City. It was littered with the usual comments about New Jersey’s failed attempts at making the city casino relevant in its own geographical area, the failed attempts of online gambling, and even suggested the state move its… more

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The Many Types of Gamblers and Bet Takers Broken Down

A successful gambler makes calculated, positive risks. With any risk, there is always something to lose. In many circumstances, this means you usually stand a chance of losing your money, your time and your reputation. However, these are also the things that are needed for success. The main benefit of… more

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Online Casino

Why is Gambling Online is Better than Going to the Casino?

In everyday life things can get a little bit boring and the need to spice it up a little bit should come more often than it usually does. It can be very dull to live on the straight and narrow constantly and not wander off the beaten track slightly and spend… more

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