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Club Player Casino Features

  • Free and Real Money Games
  • New Slots Released Weekly
  • Tried and True RTG Software
  • Highrollers and VIP Club
  • Large Bonuses

Quick Summary

Site Name: Club Player Casino
Powered by: Realtime Gaming
Bonus Info: $65 Free Chip & 450% Welcome Bonus
Bonus Code: SUPER65 - 450CLUB
Payout Percentage: 98.6% (Slots)
Slot Tournaments: Yes
Play Now: Starting Playing Now

Full Online Casino Review:

Are you looking for one of the best online casino sites for US players around? Feeling a bit bored and tired of playing second and third rate casino games? Then look no further than Club Player Casino, a one-stop shop online casino that will offer you a wide range of online keno, blackjack games, and tons of other games.
Club Player Casino Bonus
At Club Player Casino, you can have full access to the best and most popular casino games around while becoming part of a very exclusive and rewarding club. It is the first online casino to designed itsself around the VIP player seeking the most rewards as it was founded by highrollers. But that should not scare away new players as the min. deposit is only $21 and they offer both bonuses for slots and tables with small and larger deposit requirements. Enjoy varieties of blackjack, online keno, and more; simply go through their quick sign up process, choose a game you want to play, and enjoy yourself.

Not only does the RTG software give video blackjack and keno a space of thier own, but the website also gives its players access to a huge selection of video poker games, video slot machines, and roulette tables. Having issues with one of the games? Simply contact the web site’s around the clock technical support for advice and assistance. Club Player Casino is a name in the online casino industry you hear all over and is known for providing its players with excellent service and support.

Decided to play and you won! Now what?

As far as hitting the jackpot, Club Player Casino will allow you cash out on huge jackpots simply by clicking “cashout”, and unlike most online casino sites, their processing has fast turn around. Before you make your first withdraw please click on the 24hour live support button to set up your payment plan. This is not necessary to to win, but is to get your money for the first withdraw. After than, just click “cashout” and it will be processed and your check mailed in two working days max.

Your personal information is kept strictly private; their terms state that they will never reveal any type of personal information about their players to other parties. This is an important measure for those concerned with privacy when examining what site is right. The payments and cashout transactions names are also non-intrusively labeled. For an extra layer of security they have multiple e-wallets supported.

Once you become a regular player, Club Player Casino will allow you to access their highly rewarding VIP Club. With a VIP Club membership, you can get access to the highest table limits available, 40 percent or more in insurance per month, and catered service from a personal VIP representative. The online casino is also completely safe to use; the web site uses the latest in technological advances and security to ensure that you and your computer are completely safe. Their software is random and honest which means you never have to worry about your system being plagued by viruses or malware.

Still not sure if Club Player Casino is the right online casino for you? Curious about some of the casino games they have to offer? In the following article below, we will give a list of some of the games it has to offer, including a quick review for each one.

• Blackjack

One of the main casino games at Club Player Casino is blackjack. Considered by far one of the most popular online card games around, blackjack gives its a player a perfect mixture of skill, chance, and thrill. Because of this, blackjack tends to stand above the other online casino games, which is why Club Player Casino puts the popular game front and center. Club Player Casino offers a completely free, no download online version of blackjack that you can play at your home computer.

How Is Blackjack Played?

The main goal of blackjack is to beat the dealer. This is usually done in two different ways. First, you can beat the dealer by getting a total amount that is higher than the dealer’s hand without exceeding 21. If your hand goes over the total of 21, it will “bust” and you will lose. The second way is if your first two cards have an Ace, a 10, or any type of face card. This is known as blackjack, or the highest paying hand in the game.

• Table Games

Do you enjoy casino table games and the thrill of relying on your skills or luck alone? If your answer is yes, the Club Player Casino has plenty of fun casino table games with huge payouts. Below is a short list of some of the table casino games Club Player Casino has to offer, along with a quick overview:

• Tricard Poker

Whether you are a big time poker player or just starting out, you will surely enjoy Tricard Poker. The game is simple and easy to play; all you have to do is make sure that your hand has a higher 3-card poker than the dealer. If you’re just starting out and are still trying to get a feel for the best poker hand combinations, then Tricard Poker is the perfect game for you. You can learn a bit about poker while having an exciting time, and you can even add to the fun by making bets and raising your level.

• Pai Gow Poker

Yet another excellent table casino game that is similar to Tricard Poker, Pai Gow Poker is another way you can better your poker playing skills. Fast paced with hefty rewards, Pai Gow Poker simply requires that you create a five card and two card hand that is better than the dealer’s. This is the next level up after you’ve finished Tricard.

• Let ‘Em Ride

If you want a poker game where you can place more than one bet, try out Let ‘Em Ride. Using your three cards and the dealer’s two cards, create a five card poker hand. If you have a pair of tens or better, you win! If you are looking for that poker feel in a different table setting, this is the game for you.

• Red Dog

Do you rely more on luck than skills? Then check out Red Dog, a table casino game where you have to predict that the third card you chose will fall between the two cards that have already been dealt. You can win up to 11 times your bet! This casino table game is one of the most popular, and you will quickly see why.

• Keno

One of the most basic games around, Keno is a mixture of bingo and the lotto. In recent years, the game has gained popularity as online casino games have become the norm.

How Do You Play Keno?

Keno is one of the simplest online casino games to play. The rules are easy and straightforward; start a bet and choose up to 15 different numbers. Play one, five, or ten rounds on the numbers you picked and watch as your numbers are matched to the 20 random numbers picked by the computer. Instead of focusing on complex strategies and rules, Keno allows you to focus on the fun aspect of online gambling while also giving you the chance to score a major jackpot.

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