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During my research for writing the weekly casino articles, I stumbled upon a web site that has a wealth of information about casino gambling at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. Some of the content will be discussed here is a general context, but what I found somewhat unsettling is that my Firefox Internet browser marked the site as one that could not be trusted. Specifically, the link to the blogs was marked as untrustworthy. Perhaps it is because the content more than the site cannot be considered to be 100 percent reliable. This is something that is more believable.

The site, The UNLV Center for Gaming Research, has statistical data going back to 2009 for a number of states, including Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, and naturally, Nevada. There is a section for Casino Math, which should be of interest to any serious player. They even have podcasts, though there does not seem to be any regularity to them. The latest one was done on January 15, 2015. For the academically inclined, there is even a link to Fellowships, though the eligibility criteria are beyond the average casino enthusiast.

Speaking of academics, the site is a more research oriented and technical approach to casinos and the whys and wherefores of their existence. But this does not mean there is not some very useful information in the midst of all the statistics.

Or for example, in their report on United States Commercial Casino Gaming: Monthly Revenues, Monthly Combined Win Totals For (Nearly) Every U.S. Commercial Casino and Racino Jurisdiction, Center For Gaming Research December, 2014 you will discover that Pennsylvania and Louisiana have about the same revenue totals – about $240 million. The “nearly” is stated because the figures for Delaware were not available. Scroll down the page and you can see the breakdown for each state on a monthly basis in 2014. This information can show you where the winnings are flowing – and where they are not.

If you want to know the ins and outs of gaming research, you can go to the UNLV Gaming Press link that has available a number of books on different aspects of gaming, including gaming law. One book that is of interest was published in August of last year: Regulating Land-Based Casinos: Policies, Procedures, and Economics. Though it sounds dry, the information in it can be of great value if there is a casino licensing debate going on in your state.

The reason choosing an academic site for a casino player article is for the tables at the end of the Casino Math section that lists the payout odds for the major casino games and the major casino game wagers. These tables alone are likely to improve your chances of winning and give you an idea of what you will be risking when playing the most popular casino games.

Beyond the tables, there is something to be learned about casinos in general. Regular and experienced players want to have fun and win. But discovering about the entire landscape of this industry, whether it is what states to travel to or the future of online casinos, adds perspective to what can be a seemingly endless cycle of watching wheels spin while waiting for the next new slot machine to rise up. For those of you who are wannabe casino experts, this is a web site that should not be passed up.

Now to make everyone happy, there is a section, Responsible Gambling, that is not just your standard warning about who to call if you have a gambling problem. There is information there for the anti-casino advocates! Two sections, one aimed at college students, and the other targeting gambling disorders as a whole, provide research and information on the state of problem gambling. For those who are seeking a balanced and objective point of view, The UNLV Center for Gaming Research is the site to visit.

In the wake of the expansion of online gambling, regular players like to keep in touch with the legal developments and news about the state of the gaming industry. If you are interested in a specific online casino company, there is a link to Companies where you can track the financial situation of a casino that is of interest to you. Being armed with reliable information is the way to keep the casino freedoms that many have waited for so long to become a reality.

Link: http://gaming.unlv.edu/reports.html

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