Get the Best Odds at Online Casinos by Playing the Right Games

For most people, the idea of betting professionally at a real money casino is nothing more than fantasy. It’s the gambler’s dream, to be able to live their addiction and reap all the rewards. It works for many poker pros, some who pull tens of millions of dollars a year in winnings. Why can’t it work in online casinos?

Casino games installed with preset odds. The payout for each player will vary based on the algorithm in place. The house takes a small edge, allowing them to turn a profit on every machine in the long run. Their system is pretty bulletproof, but there are ways to beat the odds and potentially score big casino winnings.

online casino games real money odds

Play Against Players or the House?

The house always has the edge. Betting against the house puts you at a disadvantage. This means slots, craps, blackjack, roulette, etc., will all be disadvantageous to play.

Poker is the only real game at an online casino with a potential to do better than break-even in the long run. Some poker players are able to turn millions in profits online every year, even with relatively small bankrolls. This is a lucrative opportunity, but it’s important to realize the risks are greater. In online poker, you may be a losing player overall, which means you are more likely to lose everything in the long run.

How to Increase Profits Gambling Online

Poker players get an advantage when they play with rake-back bonuses. This gives them a certain percentage of rake paid back to them at the end of the day, week, or month. If a player has a good hourly rate, the rakeback bonuses can give a nice premium and make it even more worth the while.

Other promotions may run in online casinos for poker players. Some even give away cars, millions of dollars, and many other awesome things.

There are many resources for improving your poker game. TwoPlusTwo Forums is a must for anyone that learns better in a social environment. The biggest problem with playing online poker is that it takes a while to get good enough to turn a nice hourly rate. Plus, you can lose a lot of money before you get there.

Online Casino Bonuses

Some will chase poker bonuses, but they are starting to dry up. The online casino bonuses are worth using as a leveraging mechanism along side your poker play. You can put a deposit into a casino with a first deposit bonus with easy clearance requirements. Pull out as soon as you can and take the extra money. It’s quick to do and sometimes you don’t even have to bet your own money.

Deposit bonuses are the most lucrative way to cash in on playing at online casinos. These come up with different levels of upside and some promotions turn into big paydays. You can increase your profitability drastically by looking into what current bonuses and promotions are running, and using them to supplement your current betting odds.


Betting professionally in an online casino is usually not feasible. With the right strategy, one may be able to get a lucrative part-time income from it. However, online poker is the exception and it has no maximum upside. If you are serious about making money in online casinos, you will prosper most by perfecting your poker game and finding killer bonuses.

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