Sports Bet Lands MLB Pitcher in Hot Water

Jarred_Cosart_AstrosYoung right hand pitcher for the Miami Marlins, Jarred Cosart, has been a source of debate and for some time now since his outbursts made on social media a year ago. Only now, the center of attention is not with slurs that brought him shame. Today, it is making wagers through illegal gambling. This most recent encounter of his with ill-fate relates to his gambling habits all while he will be responsible for fines directly issued from the Major Baseball League.

Many can recall, that less than a year ago, Jarred forwarded a tweet with anti-gay slurs to the international pop start, Justin Bieber. The pitcher had immediately deleted the tweet after an uproar was made, and his home club, then the Houston Astros, also showed concern that Cosart was more than bargained for if to also be a publicity wreck.

The recent investigation into alleged activity, recently made public by the MLB, revealed a confiscated message where Jarred is communicating directly with a gambling shark. It is being used as evidence that Coasrt has ties in illegal gambling and was caught in the act. The message itself shows player Jarred Cosart saying the words, “I bet LARGE,” and that he was glad to have found the gambling link that paid well.

As investigations come to a close, no evidence has surfaced to suggest that the MLB pitcher ever gambled on baseball in particular. Jarred’s open statements also urge the public that in no case was he involved with gambling on his own profession which is a breach of contract. According to Major League regulations, players are suspended for one year for gambling on another team while being expelled from the sport entirely should that player be found gambling on his own team.

The MLB said that the rules Cosart was found guilty of, “prohibits players from placing bets with illegal bookmakers or agents for illegal book makers. …” In the public statement made by Jarred, he states, “I’m sorry for any distractions this may have caused the Marlins, my teammates, coaches and our incredible fans. I’m glad to bring closure to this situation before opening day.” The 24-year-old right-hander also deleted his entire Twitter account after messages were confiscated and used against him. The specific amounts in fines that Jarred is to pay Major League Baseball have not been made public yet. We only hope that his career will avoid such things in the future.

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